My VCAP-DCA 4 Exam Experience

My VCAP-DCA 4 Study and Exam Experience :

I got my result after a month, I received an e-mail that I passed the VCAP-DCA exam! Great news before the weekend!

Giving associate level exams and giving lab based exams, a huge difference, but I always loved to do practical’s / labs, So I accepted the challenge 🙂

First of all, I had to purchase a good configuration system to setup the test lab. As usual we are Gamers so I preferred to purchase latest i7, 32GB RAM, ASUS Gaming motherboard, 1 TB HDD, 1 GB Graphics card, 23’’ Screen and cooling master cabinet. I was very excited, installed every required software on the same day. Of course I selected the configuration which is compatible for all virtualization features.

Next day morning I have started reading the Exam blueprint and also searched lots of blogs and then prepared a checklist, which took almost 3 days. I would love to share the checklist with you all, because it will definitely help you to prepare for Exam and you will feel confident about the labs. Why to leave anything ? do all the mentioned labs in the blueprint.

You can download my checklist from below link, please add some more topics you think will be helpful for you :


Initially I found the LAB was a bit slow for me, but nobody can help us at that time so you have to find the solution your own. I had to think twice to change between windows as it partially hung for more than 15-20 seconds. So I preferred to mark some questions to review and complete them at the end after doing all immediate tasks, but the brutally slow response of the RDP session stopped me from doing that. I could have done few more tasks if I could have used the wasted overall time of about 30 minutes. But anyway finally clearing the exam is important than scoring 🙂

Please watch following Videos:

– TrainSignalvSphere Troubleshooting Course :
– Trainsignal VMware vSphere Performance Monitoring :
– Trainsignal VMware vSphere Security Design :
vBrownBag – VCAP-DCA videos :

Also go through following blogs, perform all possible labs :

Best of Luck for your Exam 🙂

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