My VCAP-DCA 5 Exam Experience

My VCAP5-DCA Experience
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              Again it took 1 month to get the result, I passed the exam, so it was worth waiting. As you would expect after so much time spent studying, taking the exam and then waiting for the results I was very happy to have passed.
               When I passed VCAP4-DCA, immediately I have decided to go for VCAP5-DCA. After reading the information on lots of VMware blogs that it gets easy to clear VCAP5-DCA if you have VCAP4-DCA exam experience. Also you don’t need to watch all Trainsignal videos again, you just have to upgrade ESX hosts on your test lab, Storage and Domain everything can be same. 
               The blueprint was almost 60% same as VCAP4-DCA. Numbers of questions in the exam were 26-27 (I forgot the exact number) but they are less than VCAP4-DCA. The most important thing was, they removed “Orchestrator, vCenter Heartbeat, vShield Zones, vCenter Server Linked Mode” these topics from the exam. 
               Copy the password down on your notepad as you will need it. It says it will be on the jump box screen but only IPs and Hostnames were there. Use the vSphere Client on the jump box to connect to the vCenter server as it is much quicker than using the RDP connection. Launch connections to anything you might need in advance to save time later. i.e. vCenter, vMA etc.

                I was bit confident for VCAP5-DCA because of my past experience, but trust me you will still face the same Slow access issues and you will be frustrated again. Well, some of the questions were very easy. I mean, you spend days and nights to go deep into the vSphere technologies and then you are asked to configure something so simple that you think you misunderstood the question and there was some trick in it.

I have prepared my own Checklist for this exam too, you can download the check list from
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Best Of Luck for your Exam.

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